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First Aid Course in English (basic training)



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Target Audience
  • THE First-Aid-Course for everyone and everything
  • For NEW first-aiders in companies
  • For Driving license candidates of all classes
Course Information in Detail
  • Description: In this course, held in English, we work on all the important emergency measures using examples. Participants will learn how to behave correctly in typical emergency situations. Numerous practical examples will make you confident in handling worst-case scenarios. This basic first aid course provides participants with a practice-oriented qualification. A comprehensive first aid manual is included.
  • Contents: Emergency call, disturbance of consciousness, breathing and circulatory system, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, severe bleeding and various injury patterns as well as significant emergencies
  • Duration: 9 teaching units of 45 minutes each
Course Fees
  • Fees: 75,- € (We kindly ask you to pay in cash on site.)
  • Employer: It is possible that your liability insurance association will meet the costs. Please contact your insurance association before the start of the course and request a suitable billing form. This affects in particular the following insurances: BGW, BGN, UKBW, UKBund and UKBahn. In other cases please use the form BG-Abrechnung (in German).
  • Certificate: A certificate of attendance can only be issued if the fee has been paid and the original certificate from the employers' liability insurance association is presented on the day of the course.
  • Cancellation fee: Please note our information on cancellation fees (in German)
Further information
  • Very good parking facilities at all course locations